Collective Worship

Worship_920x699Our Project Director, Peter, presents the Christian faith in ways that are engaging and fun using visual aids, drama, props and music.

The smiling faces of children and young people are an indication of our success and the most reliable signal that we are a very welcome part of the school community. Children and young people appreciate our efforts to inform, educate and entertain them and always look forward to our visits. Many school leavers have fond memories of the time the “welsh guy” came to school – his wacky, funny and thought provoking approach captures attention, and staff and students are always left with new ideas to ponder and a meaningful message to reflect upon.

Aspects of the service we provide include:

  • Advice, resources and practical help for teaching staff
  • Planning for special times throughout the year and key areas of school life
  • RE themes and curriculum ideas
  • Promotion of the highest standards of presentation and audience participation.